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Well read, well versed, avid travelers, thoroughly humbled by the

I AM*-ness of God

*The self-existent, no past, no future, no time, no space, no beginning, no end, simple, complete and perfect ONE


Their journey to Eaden in the Alleghenies AFC, more specifically Eaden Retreats, has been wrought with joy and pain - all wrapped in the wonder of God’s Mercy (unmerited forgiveness) and Grace (the power of God to override sin and present all to Himself covered in the Righteousness of His Son, Jesus).


Mike is by nature and calling a lover of God and a teacher’s teacher regarding the written Word.


Elisabeth - God’s little girl and a worshiping warrior.


Restoration is their passion - identifying with Jesus’ heart’s desire to see all walk freely into their God-given identity of 'Child of The King of Kings'.


In 2005, stepping outside the four walls of the traditional church, God allowed Mike & Elisabeth to reveal Him to others through the venue of a kayaking company – A Day Away.  God, the Creator, used the beauty of His creation to whisper, “Look at Me, I am here, and I love you.” 


Finding a home for that company and all that came with it led Mike & Elisabeth into the world of restoring dilapidated, overlooked, old properties to their former glory.  As they worked to restore that first property, their home and the office of A Day Away, God was at work as well.  Working in each of them to tear down, chisel away the old, the broken - restoring to Himself that which was lost.  Restoring to Mike and Elisabeth their identity in Himself.


This process of reclaiming, redeeming and restoring spaces is now partnered with the reclamation, redemption, and restoration of man.  Through the ministries of The Equippers Workshop, Eaden Retreats and Ambassadors for Christ, God continues to say, “Look at Me, I am here, and I love you.”


Through the submitted lives of Mike & Elisabeth, Holy Spirit continues to reveal the diamonds in the rough…human and property alike.

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