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Materials, training, and gatherings for the sole purpose of equipping followers of Christ to know, grow in, and reflect the glory of God.


Like a prism that receives invisible light and translates it into brilliant colors cast for the observer to see, so we see each disciple.  As the invisible life of God streams in and through the disciple, that invisible life is then cast forth projecting the life and character of Christ on the canvas of our lives for all to see.


Materials - Through years of teaching, mentoring, and life experiences Mike saw a need for those professing Christ as their Savior to get into God’s Word in such a way that they develop a deep love for and desire to follow Jesus in every facet of their life.

Developing simple exercises that go beyond academics and take the participant into intimacy with and willing dependency on the Triune God. If you would like more information check out our offerings on Amazon "Meditating on Narrative Passages I & II".  (No, it is not new age meditation)


Training - Equipping all who desire to KNOW The Word of God and thus know God Himself for the purpose of sharing He and His Kingdom with others with authority. II Timothy 2:15; Ephesians 4:9-16; Romans 10:17; Romans 12:1,2.


Gatherings - Scheduled retreats, workshops, and worship weeks. See our current <schedule>coming soon.

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